Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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CIMNE participates in long-term safety studies of the nuclear power station Vandellòs II

In the framework of the accomplishment of the Order ITC/2149/2010 for the exploitation of the nuclear power station Vandellòs II, the Nuclear Association Ascó-Vandellòs II (ANAV) has presented the documentation required by the administration just three years before it will be expired.

This information includes an Integration Plan for the Evaluation and Management of the Aging (PIEGE, according to its acronym in Spanish) and a Study of the Radiological Impact associated to the operation in the long-term, among others. The development of PIEGE started in 2010 and has the mission is to guarantee the functionality of the security-related elements and the relevant safety features that are part of their scope, considering the new operating period. This new operating period has been set, for the purpose of this study, in 60 years.

Photo: Vicente González | Vandellòs II nuclear power station

As a result of this analysis, 46 aging management programs have been established, which application will ensure the appropriate functioning of the passive components of the structures, systems and components of Vandellòs II.

In the development of the project have participated ANAV professionals and collaborating companies such as IDOM, Inesco, Tecnatom, SGS and CIMNE.