Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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CIMNE participates at CERCA's Conference

Recently, has taken place the CERCA's Conference at the Centre for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB). During the event the scientific activity of the 43 centers that take part of the network was presented. The Secretary of Universities and Research of the Catalan Government, Arcadi Navarro, was in charge of the opening session. Navarro highlighted that the key to success of CERCA is the "flexibility of a model that ensures heterogeneity".

Arcadi Navarro
Arcadi Navarro, Secretary of Universities and Research of the Catalan Government, during the opening session

The director of I-CERCA, Lluís Rovira compared the impact of the publication of the researchers of CERCA's network with European R&D Centers of reference. Rovira explained that the publications generated by CERCA's network are lower than the average in terms of volume, although they are ranked higher in terms of two of the more important indicators of visibility: the Average Citations per Document (ACD) and the Relative Citation Index (RCI).

CIMNE's overview

Doctor Cecília Soriano at the presentation of CIMNE

During the event, CIMNE’s representative, Dr. Cecilia Soriano, presented some possible research collaboration lines with the rest of CERCA’s members, highlighting three main collaboration opportunities: 1) Risk Assessment and Resilience of infrastructure associated to climate change and natural hazards; 2) Computational mechanics tools for improved diagnostic of disease and personalized medicine; and 3) Transversal & multidisciplinary skills (HPC+Cloud+Big Data, Artificial intelligence and Optimization tools).

The final message launched to the CERCA Community was to think of CIMNE as the <<numerical partner>> for their numerical research needs.

Download CIMNE presentation at CERCA's Conference